Being Forced to be Female to Satisfy a Need

Being Forced to be Female to Satisfy a Need

It is no secret that people love to play games. It is also common knowledge that many people play sex games. Each person has his or her particular needs, but there are some common threads that run through different people.

One of them is the need, by certain men, to feel dominated or submissive to a female partner. This can take a number of forms, from the mildest, where a man wants a female partner to be dominant in a relationship, to extreme forms where a man becomes a type of “sex slave”, perhaps to a gay man acting as a woman.

One form of play is where a man is not just a sex slave, but is “forced” to dress and act as a woman, perhaps even in public, and to take the passive sexual role as would a submissive woman. It may involve the man being physically restrained so that he is unable to resist.

People that do not feel these urges may find this bizarre, but these men have genuine needs that need to be fulfilled. It is not necessary to go into the psychology, especially as there is no simple or obvious reason for this desire.

Making this game more enjoyable — if “enjoyable” is the right word! — is possible by making the final experience more real and believable. This can be done through acting, but not everyone can act fully, and not everyone accepts just acting as enough.

If the domineered man can learn to “turn on” strong femininity, this will mean that acting is not required. The man will sincerely feel more feminine, more controlled, and more real. Likewise, if the dominatrix is in reality a man acting as a woman, then turning on femininity for this man, too, will make the entire experience that much more valuable.

Stage hypnosis shows the power of hypnosis in not merely acting, but in unfeigned emotional feelings that are applicable at the time. So, it is no surprise that feminization hypnosis can be invaluable to the man who wishes to play the fantasy of forced feminization.

Sometimes the dominatrix is a woman who, for her own reasons, genuinely wants her man to act and dress as a woman. For her, the ultimate in forced feminization will be for her man to want to be a woman, to want to dress like one, and to want to act like one. In this, feminization hypnosis can be a tremendous boost in helping the man to change his beliefs and fantasies into heartfelt desire and craving for feminization.

This is known as “forced feminization


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