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Shelved – ‘entrance fee’ for cabbies, e-hailing drivers at klia2

Shelved – ‘entrance fee’ for cabbies, e-hailing drivers at klia2
Shelved – ‘entrance fee’ for cabbies, e-hailing drivers at klia2 1

Shelved – ‘entrance fee’ for cabbies, e-hailing drivers at klia2
A pickup charge was imposed on taxi and e-hailing drivers at the klia2 terminal on Friday, leading to a backlash.

PETALING JAYA: A new RM2 entrance fee for taxi and e-hailing drivers wishing to pick up passengers at the klia2 air terminal has been shelved following backlash from air travellers.

The fee will be deferred until the company involved has discussions with the land public transport agency (Apad) and e-hailing company.

The decision followed discussions between the company, RA Consultant Group, and the e-hailing coalition of Malaysia and the Muslim Consumers Association yesterday, the company said in a statement.

The company also agreed with the e-hailing coalition that the RM2 fee would be billed to the booking app used by e-hailing customers instead of requiring the use of the Touch ‘n Go entry terminal.

RA Consultant was appointed by Segi Astana Sdn Bhd, concessionaire for the integrated complex [email protected]

The RM2 entrance fee had been imposed on all e-hailing and taxi drivers who wished to pick up passengers at Gate 5, Level 1 of the budget airport.

It came after the company managing the traffic flow and queueing system at klia2 installed a gantry at Level 1, where e-hailing and taxi drivers were required to tap their Touch ‘n Go card to enter the pick-up area. Drivers had also been required to have a minimum of RM20 value in their Touch ‘n Go card.

It was believed that the e-hailing drivers and cabbies were passing the extra RM2 charge to their customers.

Separately, a spokesman for Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad said the shopping mall [email protected] and the transport hub did not fall under its authority.

Shelved – ‘entrance fee’ for cabbies, e-hailing drivers at klia2 1
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