Slurry Channel Construction

Slurry Channel Construction 1
Slurry Channel Construction 2

Concrete slurry channels can be constructed in a number of ways. Ultimately their design should allow for the free flow of manure from the barn to a storage area. This can be achieved by a number of methods; details of which are shown below.

When designing a channel there are number of factors that need to be considered. A number of factors will effect the consistency of the manure, namely; the breed, animal bedding used, the type of feed and the likelihood of the manure freezing or drying out. It is important to take these factors into consideration when designing the channel; this will allow the channel to continue to operate regardless of the changes to the consistency of the manure.

There are a number of options when constructing a slurry channel; precast units, or in-situ solutions.

Precast Slurry Channels

This is likely to be the simplest and easiest form of construction. Precast channels are placed into the pre-dug channel (ensuring suitable foundations), and then sealed to provide a suitable watertight finish. Precast covers are available which are very easy to install and can be designed to take tractor loadings.

Concrete Panels + Insitu Slurry Channel

Concrete panels can be used to form the walls of channel, and then an insitu base can be poured. The construction method is slightly more involved however material costs are likely to be reduced using this method.

Insitu Slurry Channel

This method of construction is probably the slowest and most complex, but does give more flexibility if site restrictions require a more bespoke solution.

It is always worth looking around the market at the different products available – most manufacturers will offer advice in terms of installation.

Slurry Channel Construction 2

Source by Jim Whitbread
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