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Umno man blasts ex-PM Muhyiddin for criticising PM Ismail

Umno man blasts ex-PM Muhyiddin for criticising PM Ismail
Umno man blasts ex-PM Muhyiddin for criticising PM Ismail 1

Umno man blasts ex-PM Muhyiddin for criticising PM Ismail
Umno information chief Shahrill Hamdan said Muhyiddin Yassin should look in the mirror before criticising the current government.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin should take a good look in the mirror before chastising his successor, an Umno leader said, in rebutting several of the criticisms levelled at the current government of Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Umno infomation chief Shahril Hamdan said although the ringgit has weakened against the US dollar, as pointed out by Muhyiddin, the Malaysian currency was still stronger compared to the yen, South Korean won, pound sterling and others.

He also questioned if Muhyiddin had any ideas on strengthening the economy after alleging that the government had not done enough.

“Does he want to implement capital control? Dip into the country’s reserves? If so, just say it and be prepared to argue your case,” Shahrill said in a Facebook post.

Muhyiddin was prime minister from March 2020 until August 2021 when his government collapsed and a new government was formed by Ismail in a loose alliance between MPs from Muhyiddin’s party Bersatu, PAS, Barisan Nasional and other parties.

Muhyiddin had stated earlier today that ordinary Malaysians had been hit hard by rising prices and the soft economic climate, and the B40 (bottom 40% income group) had effectively turned into the B60.

He said a general election should be held if Ismail could not manage the economy and country well.

Shahril also said it was odd that Muhyiddin spoke about the people’s mandate when he was the one who had called for a state of emergency to be declared, under which elections and parliamentary meetings were suspended.

“And if he really wants elections to be held earlier, why demand for the deputy prime minister’s post and for other ministerial posts to be set aside for Bersatu MPs?” said Shahrill.

On Muhyiddin’s claim that the people are suffering, Shahril said it was during Muhyiddin’s stint as prime minister that the ‘White Flag” campaign came about.

The community-based initiative was started to help those in desperate need of food and assistance in light of the worsening Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

“What does Muhyiddin have to say about this?” said Shahril.

He said while there was more to be done to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, “it was not an excuse for certain people to label others without taking a look into the mirror”.

“This especially so when he is the National Recovery Council chairman, a former prime minister who made a lot of awkward decisions and a president of a party which had several representatives in the Cabinet, including one in charge of the economy,” he said.

Umno man blasts ex-PM Muhyiddin for criticising PM Ismail 1
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