Introductory Speech

Introductory Speech

Whenever you join a new company, you will be called to meet people of that company at an organized venue where your new company conducts a program to introduce newcomers to every employee of the company. It is a customary practice periodically implemented by companies across the world. And from strategic point of view, it is a good opportunity for the newcomer to know the employees of the company and also let them in turn know about him/ her. A smart employee always starts his successful journey in the new company with an effective Introductory speech. Read further, to know the tricks provided here to become a smart employee and also access the Introductory Speech Template for FREE.

Most of the employees may be technically good but very bad at expressing themselves. Shyness, stage fear, and hesitation to express one’s mind are the reasons for most of the people to step back from stage speeches. Most of the introverts face this kind of worst fear in their life and never could able to overcome the fear they have been holding for ages. On the contrary, extroverts won’t leave the stage when given a chance and they try to make an impression on their target audience, taking advantage of their nature.

Introductory speeches should not run more than 5 minutes. Within those few minutes, you should tell whatever you want about yourself. In other words, if spoken correctly, this much time is more than enough for any person on this planet to tell about himself. The only thing is that you need to take care of your thoughts, organize them, and decorate them with few nice smooth rhyming words before you let them hit audience ears. Always imagine that your words are your weapons and they have the potential to either make or break not only your career but also life.

Always structure your speech, chunk the critical parts into easily understandable sentences, and while giving speech, try to take gaps strategically so that the audience does not feel overwhelmed by your information. Do not bombard the audience with the list of companies along with the years you worked there kind of information. This kind of thing not only bores them but also make you lose their attention very quickly.

For people who are suffering with stage fear, here is the trick – while giving the speech, always try to see the last row audience and do not try to see anybody in particular until you complete your speech.

Please go through the sample Introductory Speech Template presented below. You can use this template without any hesitation of copyright violation and can also distribute to others who are in need of this.


I am ___ (your name). Before, I tell about myself, I would like to appreciate the organizers of ___ (tell the program name where you are called to give your Introductory speech), which allows newcomers like me to see, know, and meet most of our company employees at a single venue. This is quite a heartwarming session.

So, I am ___ (your name). I joined in ____ (the new company name) as ____ (designation). I am from ___ (place). Before coming to Envision, I worked at ____ (company) as ____ (designation) for so & so years. I have an overall experience of ____ years in mutual fund industry.

At ___ (the new company name), as far as my understanding about my job profile is concerned, I am supposed to do…..(tell simply about your expected duties and responsibilities here).

To support my credentials in this industry and to further my personal growth in this career, I have been making my own contributions to this industry in the form of……___ (writing articles, etc). As a result, I got appreciated by ____ (appreciator name).

With all my so far experience and guidance that I have been getting under the supervision of my immediate superior, ____ (superior name), I hope that I can meet the expectations you guys have on me.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity!


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