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Mr. Ishmael Ho: Mapping the Future Strategy for Property #HiHOME #HiHOME2019

Kuala Lumpur: Mr. Ishmael Ho began his talk with a flashback of his experience when he was in his early 20’s and how information has been scarce, with limited information to share. 

He then made a disclaimer that government actually has a large amount of data within possession, just not made fully transparent to the public. This is not the case in some countries like Singapore. This is an area that we could look into to increase the awareness of the involved parties such as developers, buyers and etc. 

As he shared Topography Map layouts the Malay Reserve Land of Klang Valley and LEKAS corridor, he pointed that we have a huge amount of underutilised land. Similarly, within the Gombak Area, a heavily populated city area has the same issue of idle land. 

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