Why God Created This World?

Why God Created This World?

Why God created this world? The question has not only baffled the philosophers, religious leaders, mystics, artists but also the scientists. Scientist too fails to explain why and how this universe was created. Why did the big bang happen? How was the universe before big bang? Whom to ask this question? An old Hindi song expresses this quest of man in the following words

Oh! Creator of the World,

What came in your mind?

Why you created this world?

Why you created living animals,

Beautiful faces and lovely faces,

Why you only made joy of love,

Then why you cave pain of separation?

While we know that this world is created by God or evolved from energy but we find no explanation of the reasons of its creation. Reason of creation is must as the knowledge of cause is necessary to predict the effect. Without we know the purpose of creation, it is difficult to lead a life consistent with the desire of God or the laws of nature. Einstein too wished to know the thoughts of God as he said, "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."

What Scriptures say about creation?

Scriptures do not help much in understanding this eternal mystery. Bible merely says in the first chapter dealing with Genesis that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was formless, empty and dark and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Thereafter God created light, water, vegetation, day-night, stars, birds and animals. Finally God created man in his own image and previously created women from a rib of man. The theory of creation in Islam is quite similar to that of Bible.

The Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism believes that the physical world is nothing but the manifestation of God. Thus it believes that God is not an external entity separate from the world, but it is part of Him. "All in God and God in all" is the simplest manifestation of the concept of universe and God.

If God can be compared with the body of a person then the individuals can be compared with a cell of the body. Just like there are trillions of cells of millions of type, so are the different types of creations in the universe. Yet all the different types of cells like that of skin, bone, nail, blood, hair are certainly originate from a single fertilized cell. It has been proven by the success of cloning that every single cell of the body can develop itself to the full body that is identical to the parent body. Thus God is present in all living beings and every being has the goal and ability to become God by the power of Karma and achieve salvation or union with God.

In Gita when Arjuna wanted to see the vision of God, Lord Krishna says
O Arjun, behold My hundreds and thousands of multifarious divine forms of different colors and shapes. Behold all the celestial animals and many wonders never seen before. Also behold the entire creation-animate, inanimate, and whatever else you would like to see – all at one place in My body. But you are not able to see Me with your physical eye; therefore, I give you the divine eye to see My majestic power and glory. (Gita, 11: 5-11.08)

Thus there are broadly two types of theories in scripts. One that sees God as an external being who created the world ie dualism and the other which beats the creation and God as one and same thing or non-dualism. The non-differentiation of God and the creature is often termed as Advaita (Non-dualism) or Vedanta philosophy of Upanishads in Hinduism. Yet the non-dualistic philosophy is most difficult to comprehend by the ordinary people like the theory of relativity of Einstein. Therefore, in reality, most Hindus believe in the concept of a God who is different from the individual and who guides and directs the world. In fact Hindus believe not in one God but in millions of God who all have specialized functions to perform. Although, it also agreements that all gods as nothing but the manifestation of one Supreme Reality. Further all Gods of Hinduism are in human form and since it agreements with Christianity that God created man in His own image.

All scriptures broadly agree that this world is not the only world created by God. They all give the concept of heaven or paradises where the inmates are free from problems of this world which is considered to be the place of pain and misery where people are send to be punished. Bible says that the man is punished due to the "original sin" committed by Adam. Hinduism says that this world is the karmabumi or the place of karma (action) where a person can work and perform so that he can get salvation or freedom from this world. Buddhism too acknowledges that pain is inevitable in this world and the goal of the man is to be relieved from the pain by the true knowledge or enlightenment.

Yet if we have any faith in the wisdom of God, then there has to be a purpose in the design of the world and each person must have been born in this world for a purpose and a goal. What could be that purpose of God and goal of man?

Realizing God

All scriptures give the hint that the goal of all human beings is to realize God or to be become like God. The concept of God in every religion is to help the man in finding an ideal life to achieve divinity. Christians are expected to follow the life of Jesus Christ, Muslims must follow the life of Prophet Mohammad and Hindus must become like Rama and Krishna. Buddhists too want to become like Buddha. Thus all the prophets and Gods in their human incarnation provided an ideal that man must follow in his life so that he became like God.

Once a person becomes divine, he then deserves the place in heaven and get free from the bondage of earth. This is the real goal of all religions. All religions agree that man must get himself free from the worldly pursuits and become spiritual so that he can enter into the kingdom of God viz. heaven.

Though, the world is portrayed as evil and place of pain yet very few people find the world so painful. In fact most people love this world and its various creations and want to live forever in this world. Rarely a person wish to die because of the pain he faces in this world. The reason is that if there is pain, there is also pleasure in this world. How many people in this world are really interested in becoming spiritual? Most people prefer worldly things to God as this famous Hindi song says,

If one side is you, my lover,

And the other side is God,

I will say sorry to God,

And hold your hand

The Purpose of the World

God has created this world very intelligently. While he created the first man and woman, he made some of His power to his creation so that they can create other beings. Thus all the creations of man are quite similar to the creation of God. All institutions and system created by man has inspiration from God. The concept of justice, equality, love, affection is nothing but divine qualities presented in man.

Since man is nothing but the image of God, all their creation must have some resemblance with the institutions created by God. Thus the world has been perceived differently by different people. Shakespeare perceived the world as stage in "As You Like It"

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.

In the eyes of an artist, the world is nothing but drama where every person is playing a character. However, this hypothesis is only partially true as the people in this world are given free will by God to think and act. Here people are not acting but facing the real world with real forces of pain and pleasure. This world seems more like a school where the problems of the test, though created artificially to test the knowledge, are very real for the student.

The World as a School

The concept of the modern world is impossible to imagine without the concept of school. Every human being gets accredited to a school at a tender age and learned the knowledge of the world from his teachers. He has to pass examination conducted by the schools which test the worldly knowledge of the person. Once a person acquires the worldly knowledge, he becomes fit to enter into a profession and contribute in the material advancement of the world.

While in school, every person has to undergo many tests or artificially designed questions or situations and he must find an answer to these problems. Once he is able to solve the easy and artificial problem, he gradually develops the ability to understand and solve the complex problems of life.

All scriptures agree that extremely the goal of the man is to achieve salvation which can be achieved only by becoming divine. The path of divinity is the path of prophets and avatars who had acquired the divine knowledge and became spiritual. The goal of every person is to become spiritual and discard the worldly pleasure. The world is designed in a way that it always tempts the person to the worldly pursuits. In Indian philosophy, it is also called maya or illusion. The forces of the world are so strong that it is almost impossible for most man to resists its attraction. Thus a man is continuously tested in his life in the school called the world. Only when he becomes spiritual, he knows the real happiness and the knowledge of God.

Thus the world is not created without a purpose; It tests whether you listen to the message of the body or that of the soul. We all start from the body and move to the soul. One who ignores the message from the soul and listen only to the body, is made to feel pain and miserly by the soul to bring the person to the right path. Soul is the cause of all happiness and no happiness is possible without the joy of the soul. God like a good examiner does not provide the right answers to you but only drops hints to you which enable you to learn the lessons yourself.

Thus the nature which is the physical manifestation of the world is like a book which must be used to educate the soul so that man can become spiritual. In the words of Swami Vivekananda,

The very reason for the nature's existence is for the education of soul; it has no other meaning; it is there because the soul must have knowledge, and through knowledge free itself. If we remember this always, we will never be attached to nature; we shall know that nature is a book which we are to read; and that when we have gained the required knowledge, the book is of no value to us.

The people who can understand this message gradually understand their soul and distance themselves from the world and worldly pursuits. By understanding the voice of soul, one also develops the ability to understand the language of God and become the massager of God in this world. These people are called by the world as spiritual, Avatars or Prophets. One, who has become truly spiritual, achieves divinity and passes the examination of the world to enter into the kingdom of God.


The world is not created by God without a purpose. This world is like a school and the nature is like the book written by God that helps a person in his spiritual evolution by learning to listen to message of the God from his soul. Once he acquires the required qualification and attributes merit, he passes the test of this world, so as to achieve divinity and enter into the kingdom of God.


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