YB Zuraida: Opening Keynote #HiHOME #HiHOME2019

Kuala Lumpur: “It’s not that I don’t know how to use the clip on mic; I’m just a very practical person” cites the lovable YB Puan Hajjah after she greets the audience and continues to express “As the New government, we understand.

We are from the Reformation group, that we know the plight and struggle of our people. In the new government, we will make sure that no houses are built smaller than 900 sq f.” 

She also mentioned how the current HOC is aimed to develop and empower the people within the B40 Group. 

“At a young age, it is important to make yourself a property owner. After our launch of initiatives, we even have a 22 years old lady that successfully made her own property purchase.

Why do we want this? So that in 10 years, you can sell off your property.”

The current government is also focusing on efforts for young people to enter the industry with cutting edge expertise such as IBS technologies, that will increase the speed and efficiency of construction projects.

Within KPKT, the initiatives are also progressing and moving away from old approaches.

They have came up with a rent-to-own-scheme.as within the new government, subsidies alone are no longer sustainable.

YB Zuraida concluded her appearance by stating that she commend every party that is here to support all these efforts. “Hi HOME is a wonderful initiative and I would like to express my congratulations to CEO, Mr. Radzi and team. I hope we can all work together to boost the homeownership rate in our country”.

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